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Gentle Caring Cloud breathable sanitary napkin


Becky can enjoy the cloud breathable series of sanitary napkins

Slogan: Don't be afraid of menstruation during menstruation

Breathable like underwear / Smooth milky top layer / Soft fit on towel body / No migratable fluorescent whitening agent

Basic parameters

Product Name: Bakery Can Enjoy Cloud Breathable Sanitary Napkin

Specification: 240mm 6 sanitary napkins / pack

Night sanitary napkin 300mm 5pcs / pack

Extended night sanitary napkin 410mm 4 pieces / pack

Main material: non-woven fabric, absorbent core, hot melt adhesive, release paper

Shelf life: 3 years

Note: For menstrual use, if you have allergies, please stop using it. Stored in a dry and cool place indoors, avoid direct sunlight.



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