Xiaomi Youpin start to show Gentle Caring sanitary napkins

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On September 5, "Gentle Caring" sanitary napkin declared Ms.zhangmeng is the chief officer - at the same time, also announced the core called U · stealth bracing at cloud breathable two series of new product on millet have shopping mall and does its best to build a new ecological

Zhangmeng as China mainland actress, singer, plane model, with urban romance " Three daughter for Xia" into the mainstream, starred in a lot of familiar dramas and films, acting acclaimed. And The Times kind invitation as the chief officer of experience, is took a fancy to her serious attitude


As experience, zhangMeng said the physiological period is every woman, especially professional women face a common problem, she said: "we can't because the physiological period and lower their own professional requirements, for me, no matter what scenes, again big also must be no problem." She thinks women should pay close attention to the development of the defender of the supplies, and should not hide away. She expressed the hope that the new product to be frivolous, reassuring, and refused to stuffy.

Participating in Gentle caring kind experience of new products, it also met another woman -Delia Ju, Jiangsu Gentle caring, director of the brand, to know that many of the secrets behind the new products, she said: "in the past 20 years, Mr R sum he already for the global 109 countries and regions to provide disposable hygiene products production line." Including Japan, the United States and Europe, there are a lot of enterprises in the use of the production line made in China to produce disposable hygiene products, including sanitary towels, diapers, etc - jiangsu Purity Industry which is the branch for JWC group is one of the largest research and development manufacturing enterprise. In total, said: "a lot of foreign enterprises made of our production line production of sanitary products, part of which export to China, I think it is time to use their own production line to produce a perfect product, this is also a transcendence. For my own"

In fact, because of the unique advantage in r&d and production, two new products under the condition of thinner, composite has more features, a large number of adopted from Japan's Sumitomo and Henkel new materials, to ensure that in the case of thinner, achieve better water absorption and lower rate of reverse osmosis, put an end to sliding sideways, products more comfortable experience. Breathable with soft continuous patent new material to replace the traditional PE film, let "cloud breathable" series of products of permeability is reached several times of traditional products.

As the experience officer of Internet "defender of the" new product gave high evaluation, she said: "really, even if wearing close-fitting costume also won't feel embarrassed, daily evening is very comfortable, very breathable, sometimes I don't feel it." She believes that new technology can bring new experiences to women, as well as the total pieces of lemon also believed that China made to better serve the Chinese women.

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